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2. Referral Program – $25 per Referral

Share your Magik Coupon or Magik Link and earn a $25 credit for every person you refer to MagikDose. Every person you refer will get $25 off their first order using your coupon. There is no limit to how many people you can refer, and you will earn a $25 credit for every referral.

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3. Write Product Reviews – $5 per Review

Earn a $5 credit for each product review you write, up to one review per product. The number one concern people have when they first discover MagikDose is “Is this a scam?”. Maybe you can relate? 🙂 Reviews give first timers a chance when they may otherwise be too nervous to try.

4. Film a Video Review – $100

Earn a $100 credit by sharing a video about your experience with psilocybin and MagikDose. We would love to hear about how psilocybin has helped you, and what you like about shopping with MagikDose. If desired, you may remain anonymous (face mask or sunglasses, for example). Your video can be long or short, whatever is needed to tell your story. This offer is limited to 1 video per person.

Please note that with all of these methods, your submissions must be manually reviewed and processed prior to you receiving credit. This results in about a 1 week lead time for you to receive your store credits. If after 1 week you have not received your credits, or you need a rush on receiving the credits, you may contact our support and we will escalate and expedite the processing for you.