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  1. I’m in absolute love! I suffer from depression and PTSD and I had lost all hope of being able to find a reliable trustworthy company online. This fruit is so amazing and arrived super fast! I went on the most amazing journey of my life it was life changing and my stomach didn’t get sick which is a first for me! 5 star product, and 5 star customer service. I highly recommend!

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  2. Want good quality dried cubensis fruit? Here ya go! They always have high quality fruit that packs a punch! I was thrilled when I realized I have access to my medicine now!!! MAGIK DOSE leveled up my life!

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  3. Very potent easy to mix with food or your drink. I just mix some with my Orange juice and just enjoy.

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  4. My package came in great shape! Reading the guide now, before unpacking the box.  I peaked inside though, and have to say I am blown away away already by what I see!  There is everything you need down to sterilizing kit!  Can’t wait to share my success in the coming weeks! 

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  5. This is my favorite product so far! I started with the dried fruit and the single chocolates. The fruit is good, but it can upset my stomach. The single chocolates were great but you get much more bang for your buck with the chocolate bar and it’s really tasty, like a high end salted chocolate bar. Both the bar and the single chocolates are much easier on my stomach. I’m so happy I found MagikDose and these bars!

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  6. This setup was so perfect! I have had 5 successful grows using this exact set up / contents now and all I can say is I’m not using anything else!! The quality for the price is literally unbeatable. These guys are always available to take my questions and are always so helpful. 🍄

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  7. The only thing I ever use! Huge yields and successful grows every time!

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  8. So I ordered 4 grams and all I can say is good job!!! These are amazing and please don’t eat all at once.
    These are very intense ,


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  9. Great product!

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  10. They were awesome. T ate 2 and advise taking 1 to start.

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