Reviews (Archive)

I am now waiting for my 3rd order to arrive today and I cannot be more excited. The professionalism and customer service from this company is really like no other.

I am 42 and have suffered with major depression and anxiety almost my entire life, suicidal ideations with some attempts, ADHD and post concussion syndrome from quite a few head injuries. Even finding the eventual *right balance* of medications to basically just keep me breathing took so many years and even though I was surviving, I never felt like I was living. I started looking more into microdosing psilocybin and was very cautious about it – I felt like anytime I’d consumed it in the past, it was always a really bad time. Now I can see that I was just missing the education to know how to properly utilize this medicine as a therapy. I learned that intention is just as important as consumption, and now even macrodosing is totally fine and a great time. Under the guidance of a psychiatrist, I’ve been able to stop taking my antidepressant and I can even miss doses of my ADHD meds and be less squirrel brained. I can understand now why so many posts and reviews seem so personal and emotional to folks – writing this feels almost like writing a firefighter that dragged me out of a building that was burning for 4 decades. Thank you thank you thank you.

(also wanna just leave a small disclaimer that please please please speak with your mental health professionals if you are on medication and want to stop, it can be dangerous so please take care of yourselves <3)

My bf is very excited, keeps asking me “when will it get here?” lol, my son in law had some chocolates from you and shared one. We split it and saw a noticeable difference in anxiety and depression levels for days afterward. Thank you so much for offering this great product.

I would like to share with you that I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia about 4.5 years ago and have had various kinds of therapies during the entire time, including two stem cell transplants. I had to learn to be friends with death. My disease has transformed me profoundly and has allowed me to be joyful, grateful, and loving throughout my journey. The mushrooms were an important part of my journey. I am grateful for you. 🙏

I have had a chance to try out the different products I ordered. I liked the convenience of the tea and it did not upset my stomach. The chocolate bar tasted great but I can’t have sweets. I thought it would be bitter but it was really tasty and well made. It was a big hit.

Aside from the edibles I thought your How to Trip guide was really great. It is clear and concise. I was impressed and I will continue to reference it.

I really appreciate everything you’ve guys delivered too me, yall put some real care and thought into your products and customers making the wait totally worth it, thank you so much to the entire MGK team

Delivery came through and enjoying the product. I find it so useful for anxiety and enhancing creativity. Thank you for your good prices and good product!

I received my order and although I have not sampled the fruit (yet), I am blown away at the quality of the product. No problem at all about the shipping time. Well worth the wait.

I’m so impressed with your service and product. Honestly, I’m never ordering from anyone else again.

In the last 12 years I could count the number of good days each year and have fingers left over. Now I have had more days in a row of good days in the last month than in the previous 12 years combined. Thanks for all you do. Consider me an extremely satisfied customer!!

 I really like your products. The chocolate bar is really great. Tasty and effective with really easy dosage management. I am very impressed with the flavor and quality.

I have been using 2-4 grams every couple days or so to help with my Hyper-mobile Ehlers Danlos and Sjogren’s Syndrome and it has improved my quality of pain management and work ability. Good medicine. I have been a fan of psilocybin since college and it’s really amazing to be able to reliably apply dosage and know what you are getting from the product. I am grateful

Super excited about this being available and cannot begin to describe the difference this has made on my mental health — the addition of this to my regular regiment has helped me go from surviving the winter months to this being the best place I’ve been in a January that I can remember. thank you for what you do. it’s absolutely making huge a difference. 

I’m so impressed with your company – great business practices and adding the personal touch makes a big difference when I compare with competing vendors.  

I would like to to commend mgk for the superb service and excellent product quality. Thank you 

I love and will most definitely support a business that cares about people the way you do. I just received them and I’m so excited to try them! I know it will be worth the wait. Again, thank you so much and take care!

Your products have helped me so much! Microdosing helps my depression and anxiety like nothing else! And it helped me quit vaping nicotine too! I don’t even have cravings anymore! It’s been 38 days since I last had a vape, and my quality of life has improved. Thanks so much for your awesome, high quality products!!

I couldn’t be happier with the products, service, customer care…all the thumbs up!

Your attention to my concerns has been outstanding, and your customer service was above and beyond. I’ve had bad experience with marketplace before that made me a bit nervous, but I understand the process of made to order concerning perishables. I will be shopping with you again.

My package came in great shape! Reading the guide now, before unpacking the box.  I peaked inside though, and have to say I am blown away away already by what I see!  There is everything you need down to sterilizing kit!  Can’t wait to share my success in the coming weeks! 

Everything is great; the hot cocoa was amazing! Thank you for the gift! We still have a little left but it’s almost time for a refill. It’s been working absolute wonders on my depression and anxiety. I’m so glad we discovered you!

I’m noticing that taking the 150mg caps every other day is definitely boosting my focus and mood. Very helpful for enhancing my sense of appreciation for all the ordinary moments and interactions I have with people. It’s great stuff!

Everything is going excellent with the microdose packs I have bought. I can honestly say that adding it to my regular regimen has turned this winter into one that I am not just surviving to get through (which is the usual case when SAD takes my already borderline-severe-but-manageable clinical depression that extra step further for a few months). I cannot begin to thank you all enough for the work you are doing. Without trying to be hyperbolic or wanting to feel like i am just blowing smoke up your asses, what you are doing has the potential to save lives and prolong hope for those of us that historically have found it hard to even begin to remember what hope looks like from time to time. I say this as someone with lived experience who in the summer of 2019 was made a ward of the state of idaho on a 72 hour and two immediate subsequent 48 hour holds because they thought I was a little too down in the dumps at the St. Alphonsus ER in Boise. I have never felt this clear, engaged, and mentally light at this time of year. 

If I haven’t said it enough, or you haven’t heard it enough: Thank you, again, for doing what you’re doing. You are making a difference. Keep up the good work. You have a continuing and evangelizing patron on this side of the screen.

I am grateful and thankful for you and your vision, not to mention the quality of service and products. Nothing but love for MagikDose, you all have been instrumental in my overall  well being and health, both physically and mentally (not to mention the healing taking place), thank you, again.

I received my package yesterday . Your customer support has been outstanding. Thank you for the samples of tea and cocoa, looking forward to trying them . Even the packaging, pamphlet, and stickers were a nice surprise. I will definitely be ordering again in the near future! Yall have a great business going