Our Mission

MagikDose is a small business with a big mission. We are here to revolutionize mental health care by integrating psilocybin into mainstream medicine. Psilocybin is currently being used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, cognitive decline, and more.

By providing free education and support to our community, we can all be empowered to provide for the health of ourselves and loved ones through a journey of personal growth.

Breakthrough research is showing incredible support for the medicinal benefits of both psilocybin and non-psychedelic mushrooms. There will always be more research to do, but the results are in. We need mushroom medicine.

The problem is that these medicines are largely inaccessible to most people. In the case of magic mushrooms, being mostly illegal, they are very difficult to obtain from a trusted source.

But we are living in very exciting times! Many states, cities, and counties have passed decriminalization bills in the recent years, allowing us all greater opportunities to benefit from psilocybin therapy.

Education. Community. Spirit. Thank you for sharing our mission.